If you are facing life-altering decisions, dealing with ongoing or recurring problems, interested in alternative healing, or simply want to know yourself better and explore your deeper spiritual and personal qualities – then Rev. Geertje Zamlich’s gift of Spiritual Communication can provide practical psychic help in the form of a clairvoyant reading.

PLEASE NOTE: A psychic or clairvoyant reading or healing is not a substitute for medical care or for the advice of your physician or therapist.

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I want to let you now that I finally had breathing room and the desire to delve deep into Geertje’s March reading and OMG what valuable information she delivered. When I responded to your request for feedback I was going on the energy of the first listening of the 1-on-1 which was absolutely beneficial in the way I described.

HOWEVER, last night I spent more than an hour listening and transcribing the information about my first name. Talk about a deep awareness of the thread that runs through my life. And insights as to why. She brought clarity of tendencies, actions, reactions, and some very important Core Purpose news, that was quite like news to me, but rang truer than true (if that’s possible).

An important message was that I don’t need to add anything to my doings, but to process what I have where I am. She suggested making a spreadsheet, odd I thought, but I’m inclined to do so because it will be easy, then, to see the connections that can so easily be overlooked and thereby not integrated. The reading was rich with themes and connection points that I could have continued to be oblivious to. In one listen I could not take it all in, but it all made sense and filled me with peace & joy. What a joy it was last night as I felt my energy rise and my joy spill over.

And that’s only my first name!!!

I had to let you know that I feel Geertje’s reading is life changing in scope.

Pam C. Arizona.