“I had my first reading with Geertje in 1992. It was such a positive experience that I have had many readings with her since then. She has always been more than willing to help me with personal or professional issues, even if we have had to discuss them several times. She has also allowed me to ask many questions, and she has always responded in an honest, straightforward manner. I am grateful to her for having helped me so much over the years. Because of my readings with Geertje, I have come to understand myself on a much deeper level. I highly recommend having a reading with her.”

– Denise R., San Jose

“Geertje has a very clear channel to the spirit/soul of the client and possesses the wonderful ability to uncover that information which is most important to become aware of, regardless of where she enters into the communication. Moreover, she does this, like a scout, with clear vision and in non-judgment. She provides a wide view of the landscape without getting lost in interesting but unimportant details. And she has full respect of an individuals free-will providing information that one can use in reflecting on ones own path and in making decisions without programming her own opinions of what might be best and what one should be doing. I have found the information she provided highly beneficial and blend well with other sources of information in co-creating the path of my journey.”

– Joseph H, Amersfoort, the Netherlands

“Geertje, even though I have never had a formal reading from you, we have exchanged spiritual healing information, which has been nothing less than wonderful. You are always straightforward and clear with your communication. You have a very non-judgmental way of putting your words together so that there is no threat from any of your communication. You are always very diplomatic and gentle when there is information to be given that has some quality of negativity attached. I would recommend to anyone to have a session with you. Thank you for this opportunity.”

– Rev. Marilyn K., Santa Rosa