“Dear Geertje! Thank you so much for the reading this morning. I loved how clear and on-target you were and how all you said resonated with me in a profound manner. It was so inspiring and uplifting and also I found myself with new insight and material to work with and deepen my awareness. I love how meeting such wonderful people like you inspires me to clear up more layers and access more truth about my self. With love and gratitude to you.”

-Monika S., Sebastopol

“Thank you again Geertje. You are truly amazing. Talk about captivated, you completely have me spellbound with your insight and wisdom and the carful, thoughtful way you deliver your message. I hope to be speaking to you again soon, (not too soon of course) it is truly and experience beyond this world. Thank you for your generous time.”

-Tom C., Huntsville

“I have used Geertje’s spiritual help since 2002. I first contacted her at the time of trouble, skeptical that it would make any difference. I was deeply moved and awed by Geertje’s unmistakable talent. Her incredible ability to see the past in great detail, connect it with the present and help prepare for the future still amazes me. Her prompt response, her own depth, spirituality and honest but very sensitive style, make her stand out among the practitioners in this field. I recommended her readings and healing to all my friends and family – she is just great! Thank you Geertje!!!”

– Helen S., NYC